Sugar and spice and naughty and nice, that's what this little girl is made of. This blog is NSFW and only for 18+. No kiddies allowed except for the pretend ones :3


Kaya loves crotch rope tight. Legs open, watched and got wet.


Bondage Abounds


Locked helplessly into the milking frame with the vacuum tubes firmly gripping her nipples she had never felt so humiliated. Worse still was that workers kept walking by, not even giving her a second glance. She was experiencing the most embarrassing moment of her life and nobody was even paying attention, until the worker walked up behind her and started manipulating her clit. This was followed by something sliding into her pussy.

Unable to close her legs, she could do nothing to stop the stimulation of her clit and pussy. This coupled with the sensations from her nipples soon forced her to orgasm. As her orgasm subsided she was shocked to realized there was milk flowing from her trapped nipples. She heard two workers talking behind her.

"This one’s producing now. Just make sure you make her orgasm every hour for the next couple of days. It really helps to activate the hormones we injected her with. After that the modifications will be permanent and her tits will keep producing indefinitely but its still good to orgasm them regularly. It keeps them calm and they produce even more."

They’re going to keep me like some human cow and make me orgasm whenever they want. This couldn’t be worse. She was still thinking that it couldn’t get any worse right up until the worker with the branding iron walked behind her to her unprotected ass.


You don’t need that right now.


*dying whale noise*

This is exactly the way Daddy was looking at me when we played on Sunday, except his shirt was unbuttoned and he had a length of rope in his hands.
*purrs while remembering the scene*

Daddy and I played on Sunday and I keep feeling all floaty when I think about it :3 

I was tied and we played with wax and it was so hard not to move. It was hardest when it was on my inner arm because I had trouble eroticizing the pain, but I took it and Daddy said he was proud of me :) 

After the wax I made cummies and we snuggled and had cookies :) 

I love my Daddy <3


Summer 2014, day 18. The gardener.

You scored higher than anyone I’ve ever interviewed. You’re really over-qualified for the job. You’d be bored to death.


I love hands.